Integrated solution for the fast generation of drone imagery based maps and 3D models directly in the field. Dedicated to emergency response operations support and other field activities requiring fast responses, high mobility and autonomy. DRM allows to quickly visualize selected areas of interest using local, network independent computing and images collected by drones. In typical setup outcomes include high resolution orthophotomaps and 3D terrain models, possible to be viewed on the DRM system or connected devices, increasing user’s situational awareness and providing better and more intuitive understanding of the area of interest.
The portable terminal allows also use of CreoScan UAV operations support solution CreoScan FMS, with 3D visualisation in real time – when connected to CreoScan ADS-B Ground Stations.


crisis response teams
border guard
construction companies
infrastructure owners

Power source
230V AC / e.g. from portable generator

Sever (default configuration)
2 x 4GHz 4 core processors with single GPU
support, 128 GB RAM, 4 TB SSD storage

Mapping time (10 ha, 2cm/pixel)
<30 minutes

Time of consecutive generation
of the high-quality 3D model
<1 hour

Communication Interface
„Drone Rapid Mapping” user friendly software;
„Creotech Drone Rapid Mapping Portal” opened in browser, which other devices can connect to

Weather resistance
Waterproof when packed

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05-500 Piaseczno
mail: creoscan@creotech.pl