Situational awareness system providing realistic, real-time visualization of various streams of data over the 3D terrain model with multidimensional analysis options. Possible to be implemented in particular for smart monitoring of UAV and air operations. Powered by LUCIAD technology allows to ingest data in multiple formats (including ADS-B) and dynamically visualize the data streams and customized analysis results over various 2D maps or 3D terrain models.
Possible to be used for UAV operations support in the field when installed on CreoScan DRM portable processing station connected to CreoScan ADS-B Ground Stations.


Traffic monitoring and control (air, land, sea)
UAV operations
Event reporting and risk assessment
Crisis management
Smart Cities


Data formats
Over 200 commonly used data formats can
be directly connected and presented in real
time (no conversion needed). Optimised for
ADS-B data stream visualization for UAV
operations management

User interface
Fully customized, available as Web portal or dedicated application

Designed for 3D viewing efficiency and geospatial
data analysis/management

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